Who provides affordable Saddle Stitch binding services in NYC?

NY Digital Solutions provides affordable Saddle Stitch Services in NYC. Cost wise, it is cheaper than the other binding methods. Since the working is simple, it can be done within quick turnaround time.

The importance of binding is well understood by the people who work in libraries and documentation centers. No wonder if many of them would have come across binding and about its various types in their syllabus itself. Though the world is fast becoming digital with iPods and e-book readers, people still have to preserve the already written materials and depend on them for various reasons.

Many people derive satisfaction only when they read information in the form of books. The attractive graphics and the clear printing intact within a beautiful binding make the books and documents one of the treasure to be preserved and protected.

Among the different types of binding, saddle stitch binding is ideal for documents within 64 pages. Manuals, booklets, catalogs, periodicals, journals, newsletters, multi-page brochures and any small collection of pages are suitable to have saddle stitch binding.

This is the most simple and professional looking binding. Folded pages are joined together and covered with minimum two wire staples inside the spine part of the book is known as Saddle Stitch Binding.

From tiny booklets to large sized atlas can be bound impressively with saddle stitch binding. Very importantly, images that cross over two pages are safe in this kind of binding. Artists can prefer this for binding their artworks.

More details – http://nydigitalsolutions.com/Book-Binding-New-York.php

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