How can I get Step and repeat banner printing services in NYC?

While watching the favorite sports program or a special celebrity show, you might have noticed sponsored logos used as a backdrop that are advertised in a repeated manner. These logos will be printed in a diagonal or alternating pattern.

This kind of advertisement where millions on the earth is watching will produce a great effect among the audience. The brand name or the logo displayed in the repeated pattern will get imprinted on the minds of the audience and it will have a great psychological effect giving out positive results to the company.

This step and repeat banner printing is done effectively by NY Digital Solutions in any desired size. These banners come in various sizes and the popular sizes people order are 8’ x 8’, 8’ x 10’, and 8’ x 12’. Most of the banners are made ready using 13 0z banner material which is of high quality. Only when the material quality is high, the printing done on it will look grand and attract others. Moreover, these banners once done can be displayed repeatedly whenever and wherever the need arises.

NY Digital Solutions use only the highest quality 13 Oz scrim banner material since it is tear resistant, durable, opaque and flexible; capable of producing great color brilliance. The color combination used and the alternating pattern displayed are very important features for the step and repeat banner to become an attractive piece of business marketing tool. High quality service within low rates is the motto of NY Digital Solutions.

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